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Friday, August 19, 2016

Wildwood Pier, Wildwood, NJ

Last summer, like most New Jersey families, we spend a few days "down the shore". If you are not familiar with the phrase, "down the shore", its the beach... In NJ we have many beaches and many of those beaches have boardwalks. Of the nicest in the state is the Wildwoods. Wildwood consist of two areas, North Wildwood and Wildwood Crest. North Wildwood is where you go for the boardwalks, Wildwood Crest is where you'll want to find your motel. North Wildwood has motels too, but Wildwood Crest is typically more relaxes as its further away from the crowds. The beaches in Wildwood are wide, very, very wide. Walking from the curb of the street, to the your desired settle sand spot, can take a few minutes. The beaches are also free, yes FREE. Rarely and form of fun in NJ is free, so this spot has it all. Free wide beaches where people never seem to impose on your personal space, boardwalk fun with three piers of dry and water rides, arcades and game, great foot and overall fun. Please taking a ride to Cape May is just a few minutes away. Oh, at the Cape May County Zoo is nearby too. Like the Wildwood beach, this zoo is large AND they only charge a donation fee, not a set price to get it.

So with beach at one end of the city and the boardwalk at the other end, you can see all the excitement of the boardwalk from the beach looking North. It is a great place to get away for a few days.

When I was going through my photos taken of our trip I came across one that I knew would be a great with a few enhancements. For this photo, even though it was taken with my DSLR, I was able to save it effortless to my iPhone using the EyeFi app and I used the iOS app Moldiv to enhance it. Hope you enjoy it.

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