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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What is my editing software of choice

I often get asked, "what software do you use for your photos?". That answer really depends on the camera used to take the photo. Many people are aware of the various iOS apps so I wont dive into those apps, but rather the PC applications.

I started out years ago with a lightweight version of Photoshop (Photoshop CS Lite version. This worked very well, but being it is a lite version, was limited. I recently started to use Corel Paint Shop Pro X8 to do my photo editing. I really like this application, not only for the tools it offers, but for also the tutorials it offers. Some may find it annoying when you start the application you get the "hey, want to see how to do this" message, or sometimes, they even push messages for you to purchase updated versions. I can see how others find that annoying, but i do not mind it. I find it helpful for them to push down suggested topics, because I may not have thought about a certain enhancement until they mentioned. The Pro version of CPS comes with various other tools you can use to enhance your photos.

As far as my hardware goes... I have an HP ENVY Notebook - 15t-q400. This monster is an i7 6500HQ processor with 16GB of RAM and 1TB (hybrid) storage. This laptop is powerful enough to run CSP Pro as well as various other editing applications (Corel Video Studio for example). Aside from photography being a hobby of mine, I am also a software developer so I can run Visual Studio Community without issues. Overall, I am really happy with this laptop and photo editing tools.

Corel Paint Shop Pro
Corel Video Studio
HP Envy Laptop

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