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Friday, August 19, 2016

What is a phodadgrapher

So by reading this post I will assume you are interested in learning more about the term phodadgrapher. Well I will tell you my spin on it, although I have not need it mentioned anywhere else.

Being a father of 3 young children, I am always looking for ways to take photos of them whether it be a school function, them at play, us on vacation or them engaged in any other activity, including meltdowns. But photography is not what pays the bills, for me, that's software development. Photography is just a hobby of mine. I enjoy taking picture of many subjects but mostly my family. I am sure you will see many different subjects along my journey.

But enough about you, what is a phodadgrapher....
Ok, so to me a phodadgrapher is a dad, or really a parent, that enjoys taking photos in their spare time. Being a parent is time consuming enough, through in an 8 hour day at work and you left with little time... however, photographing is something we can do at any given moment, especially as camera get smaller and can fit in our pockets. You don't need to have fancy equipment to take amazing photos.

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