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Friday, July 21, 2017

Series: Wildwood | Part 2

In part two of my Wildwood, NJ Series, I will shift focus slightly to Cape May. As we have done in the past, my family and I went on a dolphin sight-seeing cruise. We leave out of Wildwood Crest and head south to New Jersey most southern point, Cape May. Along the way, we say dolphins (obviously otherwise the titled cruise "Dolphin Sight Seeing Cruise" would have been a let down). I also spotted a horse shoe crab in the water, not sure if it was dead or alive, and being so far south, you can even see the shore line of Delaware.

While in Cape May waters, you'll pass by Sunset Beach, legendary hotels, the famous Cape May Lighthouse and you can even see an the SS Atlantis, an old WWI concrete ship decaying in the salt water. Each time we go, I try to capture the Cape May Lighthouse in different angles. At the right angle, you can catch the Saint Mary's by the Sea retreat house, a summer retreat house for the Sisters of St. Joseph, lining up perfectly with the lighthouse. When you see it, you'll say "oh yeah, I've seen that before" while not realizing what it was. I tried to capture that image as best I can, moving on a boat, I got close to perfect alignment I was hoping for, but not exact.

So that is it for part 2 in the Wildwood series. Hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Series: Wildwood | Part 1

I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different. Instead of posting a talking about a random photo, I figured I put a series together and maybe do more in the future. A few weeks ago, my family and I headed down to Wildwood, NJ. To read my write up on Wildwood, head here. We had a great time with great weather. While down there, I took some photos that allowed me to be creative with. Over the course of then next week or so, I will highlight a new photo.

First up... this is actually a photo I took on our last trip in 2015. But it went unnoticed until now. As far as editing to goes, this is really the first time I put words, filters and borders together. While waiting on a boat for our dolphin cruise to being, I was in awe at the surround landscape between the docks, nature and homes. I really like how the editing of this photo came out with the blue and the grain filter. Hope you like it as well.

Keep an eye out for more photos as part of my Wildwood Series.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Sweetest Sweet 16!

March 30th, 2001... It was the day my first niece was born. Gianna Marie. I am fortunate enough to call this beautiful baby my God Daughter.

In April, family and friends gathered for a Sweet 16 party for Gianna. Of course I attended with camera in hand and was ready for the night. Between my brother and I, we capture the night with our Canon's. This is one of my favorite photos captured. If I recall, I caught Gianna off guard and quickly snapped the photo.

As a baby she was adorable, as a young woman she is beautiful!

Hope you enjoy!