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Wildwood, NJ

Wildwood, NJ, one of the hot summer vacation stops not only for New Jerseyans, but recently rated a #1 2017 summer travel spot in the US by Trip Advisor

This comes as no surprise to me and my family has we have been spending the past few summers down there. Although I would not throw Wildwood under the "Jersey Shore" umbrella, it has some very similar characteristics as other "Jersey Shore" spots, but also some differences. Many people do not realize there are actually 2 different Wildwoods. There is Wildwood, North Wildwood and then Wildwood Crest. Let it be known that Wildwood Crest, specifically, was rated #1 by Trip Advisor. Wildwood and North Wildwood are very similar, however what makes Wildwood Crest so different is its peacefulness from the hustle and bustle of the boardwalks and eateries Wildwood and North Wildwood offer. We always stay in a Wildwood Crest motel and utilize the beach there while enjoying the restaurants and boardwalk of Wildwood.

The Boardwalk offers all that you expect from a boardwalk, games, arcades, food, screaming kids sometime even my own), large crowds and overall fun. Along with all the games the Wildwood boardwalk offers 3 peirs of amusement park-type rides which are great for all ages. They have kid friendly bumper cars, ferris wheels along with big kid friendly bumper cars, ferris wheels, roller coasters. They also offer waters rids, go karts and that just to name a few. Many of our nights, if not all, are spent on the boardwalk. There is such much to do along the 2 mile stretch of entertainment.

Something new we did this year with the kids is checked out mini golf. My kids have never done that before. Along the boardwalk and on the way to the boardwalk there is a mini golf spot everywhere you turn. Down the street from our motel in Wildwood Crest was a quiet mini golf spot that we absolutely loved. For the most part of, we had the whole place to ourselves. We had so much fun, we made another trip down the next day. It wasn't all "Unicorns and Rainbows" as the kids had their melt down moments "why doesn't the ball go in the hole?"; "I know what I am doing, I don't need any help"; but still we had fun.

One of our new traditions we started was to go on a Dolphin Sightseeing Cruise. The boat leaves out of Wildwood Crest and heads south toward Cape May. The boat ride is great, rough at times as all boats are, but not only is it great to see the dolphins and other sea life, the boat crew does a great job at educating the guest on the area and they even have a touch tank on the boat for the kids (and adults too).

In past post I have highlighted some photo of past trips to Wildwood. I will highlight some news photos from our recent trip and maybe revive some old ways.

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