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Friday, January 27, 2017

All Along the Watertower

This photo was take some time ago... I was on my way to work and I have cross over a bridge. Not a long bridge less than a football field long. Underneath that bridge is an unused railway. The bridge is constructed from concrete and steel. At one end of the bridge is a busy intersection and at the other end is a traffic light, so odds are you when crossing it, you will be stopped along the way. when I was stopped just as the incline of the road met the flattened out segment, I looked to the left and see this picturesque view. The only camera I had on me at the time was my iPhone 6. Just before I had to advance the traffic behind me I was able to take a quick photo of my view. Utilizing some iOS software I was able to enhance the photo to what you see below. This may be not be typical New Jersey photo some would expect from seeing typical New Jersey photos.

Hope you enjoy todays post!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Blurry is Beautiful

A rule of photography is to always keep your subject focused if nothing else. But you know what they say about rules, they are meant to be broken.

Sometimes you intend to make a subject out-of-focus for reasons like, depth or photo dramatics. For me though, it happens by chance. Actually with this photo I knew a focused shot would be difficult due to the lack of a tripod, amount of people around me and my well known lack of patience. However, i still really like the way this photo came out. Even though it is 100% out of focus, you can still read the photo and understand what's happening. You can tell that the photo the was taken in a pack or some sorts and a fireworks display was put on. This was actually at Sesame Place on New Year's Eve, 2016. The park just finished up their nightly parade, and they put on a fireworks display that was much better than I anticipated. It was very comparable to a Disney World "Wishes" fireworks show. My family and I were very pleased with the entertainment and will definitely try to attend another fireworks event by them.