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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Enhancement: Birthday on Main Street, U.S.A.

We recently took a family vacation to Disney World in February 2016. While we were down there, my daughter was turning three. My wife picked up a really cute birthday outfit for her to wear to the Magic Kingdom. She was looking for a particular photo of my daughter in her new birthday output with her hands up and smiling in front of the caste. We found a PhotoPass photographer in the area we were looking for and asked her to take our daughters picture. My wife setup the shot just as she imagined and it came out great. We had purchased the Memory Maker package for our trip, which I HIGHLY recommend. With or without it, the photographer would have taken many photos. But without it, we may not have kept all of them. Because we were able to keep all of the photos, I was able to look at each one and thing of a nice enhancement. I came across one of those photos and as soon as I saw it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. Since Main Street, USA is filled with people to the left, right, behind and sometimes, sadly in font of you (but not in this case), I knew this photo needed to be focused only on my daughter. Her side-way look made for an even more dramatic photo. What is she looking at? I am not really sure, I was next in front her her, my wife was on the opposite side, and my two sons where next to me. Either way, something caught her attention and the PhotoPass photographer got a great photo.

So again, i do not take credit for the photo itself, just the enhancement. This is one of my favorite photos from our trip... I am sure I will feature many more on this blog as I was able to take over 1000 photos.

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