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Thursday, October 27, 2016

My Sister's Barn

By the title of this post alone, one would assume that today post is about a barn owned by my sister to which I happen to photograph the front of. One would assume that my sister asked me and my family up to her barn for the weekend to enjoy the crisp country air. Well I am sad to tell you this, but those assumptions are wrong. My sister did not invite me and my family up to her barn for the weekend to enjoy the crisp country, nor did she ask me to take photos of her barn. No my sister is not being selfish and keeping the barn all to her self... the fact is, my sister does not own this barn, or any barn for that matter. She lives in a suburban town in NJ with her son and husband. This however was a photo taken by my sister of a barn she was at for a birthday party. She posted the photo to facebook, to which I stole and edited it to what you see before you. So while i cannot take credit for the photo itself, I will take the credit for editing it to this dark, ominous effects.

Hope you enjoy it!

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