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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Lens flare in the corn field.

This holiday weekend (Columbus Day), my wife and I took our three kids apple and pumpkin picking. This has become our yearly tradition for about the past 3 years. We usually go earlier in the season but couldn't find the time until now. We venture out to a farm in Chester, NJ, called Riamede Farm. There are many "pick-your-own" choices out in this area of NJ, but this farm is perfect for our needs. There are no horse back rides, or carnivalesque games, just pick your own apples, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables and small shoppe, which looks like it recently had a makeover. The farm is typically packed, but we went on a Monday and got there early, so the crowds where lighter, but on the way out, the crowds picked up. We spent about 3 hours there in total, which was enough time for us to walk through the apple orchard and walked around the pumpkin patch and corn fields.

On this trip I brought along my Canon T5 and used the 18-55mm Lens. New for this trip was my Neewer NW670 Flash and my Amazon Basics 60-inch tripod. It was a bit windy, but this tripod held its ground. Grant it, I did not have it fully extended, it was still very sturdy.

While walking though thew corn field, the sun was glaring behind the stalks. I thought this was a great opportunity to create a natural lens flare image. I had to use the manual focus, as the sun was causing the automatic focus to not focus in on where I wanted it. I really like how the sun helps add the drama to the photo. Final enhancements done via Perfect Effects 9.

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