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Thursday, September 15, 2016

From the Vaults: Bushkill Falls

Back in 2003, before my wife and I had children, we took a trip out to Pennsylvania to Bushkill Falls, some call it "The Niagara of Pennsylvania". We have been to Niagara Falls too so I can attest to that statement. But unlike Niagara Falls, there is not just one massive fall of water, there any numerous smaller falls throughout the park. Bushkill Falls provides hiking trails which you can chose a challenge level. There are also multiple look out areas to view the large Pennsylvania hills. Then of course, like all attractions, a gift shop at the end. Surrounding the Bushkill Falls area, another attraction we stop at was Indian Echo Caverns. At Indian Echo Caverns, you take a walking trip through caves and explore the underground. It is a really cool adventure.

As you can imagine, photos a Bushkill Falls can come out great. Back in 2003, we had no iPhones or consumer-friendly D/SLR camera's. My photo-taking machine back then was a point-and-shot Fuji Finepix 3800. I will not go into the details of the specs of that camera, but it did its job and it did it well. Before our trip I researched some tips on how to obtain that amazing waterfall shot, you know the one where the water looks like its raging over the rocks below. The setting on the camera, shutter speed; the tip, slow it down and used a tripod. So that is what I did. To this day, I amaze myself with out great, I think, this photo came out.

Hope you like it!

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