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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

What the H?

So as I was looking at my blog with my 10 year old son, soon to be 11, i released I only posted once in all of 2018. Well, that didn't seem right, but sadly it was. Life got busy... 4 kids, demanding job, life in general, it gets in the way of a hobby. But in 2018, I picked up a new Canon 77D to replace my Canon T5. Really liking this camera and have been busy building a stock pile of photos to show case. Ill get to posting some soon. Stay tune!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Hello, Kitty!

So doing things in reverse here today. Yesterday I was able to finally log back into my Instagram account and posted a photo I took with out posting the story her first. I was so excited I was able to log in, I just wanted to share the photo. However, I did say in the post that there was a story behind the photo and to check the blog soon for that story.

Well soon is now and here is the story.

On June 3rd, 2018, my little town of Garwood, NJ held its annual street fair, which they call "Garwood Rocks". "Rocks" meaning they have a live stage where local bands play through out the day. To go along with the "rocks" theme, the week leading up to the fair, the Garwood Historical Society hides brightly painted rocks through out the town for the residents to find. On each rock is the name of the local landmark. A park, the baseball field, library, fire house, etc. if you find a rock, you bring it to the Garwood Historical Societies table and turn it in for a prize. We where lucky enough to find a rock and we won a $5 Dunkin Donuts gift card and a book talking about the various "landmarks" whose names were painted on the rocks. Very informative guide with great detail in history as well as photos.

Along with the rock stage and rock trade-in station, local vendors, food trucks, the local fire squad and may others participate in this event. A classic car show is also along for the ride, no pun intended.

So none of what of I just said has anything to do with the picture I am sharing, but still fun to talk about.

Ok on to the photo... As the family and I headed out for the street fair, it was a bit chilly, like 50's or 60's. Chilly to be walking outside all afternoon in a short sleeve shirt. As the kids get their shoes on my wife suggested they take their zippered sweat coats too. As we walked toward the curb and and head east to the fair, my 5 year old quickly runs back towards the house and comes back out with her Hello Kitty knit hat and her aviator sunglasses. I quickly tell her "YOU DON'T NEED ALL THAT!". As sassy as she is, just just smiles, and tells me, "Yes I do!" as she starts to walk. We go a block or so, and I see her adorable she looks. Walking through the street with what seems like not a care in the world, super excited to be going to Garwood Rocks. I quickly take out my phone and tell her to smile as I snap the photo. As soon as I snapped it, I texted it off to my 17 year old niece (who is also my god daughter) tell her she has a 5 year old twin. Their styles are nearly identical.

Using one of my favorite iOS apps, ColorSplash, I was able to remove all the color from the photo and only keep the color of her aviators.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Holden's First Christmas

The other night my wife was on Pinterest, and like most users of Pinterest, she saw an idea and had to execute it. In the past, and sadly like most, we were victim of Pinterest-Fail.

She was looking for some creative ideas to celebrate our son's First Christmas and came across ideas of babies in baskets in front of a tree. She went out the next day to find a basket and ten o'clock at night she's painting and gluing. The next day she starts her attempt at Pinterest-Success.

Holden got dressed and stuffed into the basket and away we went. I must say, he was very cooperative and had fun. He made this look easy. We got many photos of him but a few stood out from the rest. One particular... He has what I am describing as a Mona Lisa smile. He's happy, maybe, either way I think he looks adorable. I really like how taking out the color for the most part makes him and the tree stand out in.

Hope you enjoy the photo and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Holden... Just Holden

So since I last posted on September 13, my wife and I were fortunate to have welcomed our newest family member to the world, Holden Jackson.

Holden was born on September 16th, 2017 at 11:29 in the morning. He is welcomed by Mom, Data, and three older siblings (big brothers Chase [9] and Blake [5] and big sister Kendall [4]). While mom and dad are overjoyed with Holden, the older siblings claim to be happy.

Holden fun facts
  • Born at 8.7 lbs and 20.25 inches long, he is the largest (by weight) of my four kids.
  • Holden enjoys screaming when not sleeping (though he is hopefully growing out of that)
  • Master at quickly waking up his parents just as they pass out for the day.
  • He dislikes rides in his car seat
  • Has a sensitive tummy, try keeping his from spitting up.
  • Has the best hair I have ever seen on a new born.
  • A really cool fact is that Holden shares a birthday with is first cousin Kelli. What makes this such a cool fact is that Holden sister, Kendall, shares a birthday with Kelli's brother Frankie (February 22)

Look forward to more photos of Holden the future!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

SummeRain, and the rainin' is easy

The Summer season brings as much fun as it does rain around here. Rain showers exit as quickly as they enter. Some a bit strong then others. When they come with a force, the little ones get a little worried, but are easily calmed with the thought of a rainbow shortly after the last cloud rolls out. This is the type of weather that can make for amazing photographs. The overcast of the clouds yes the sun still letting you know he is there.

Just as this storm cleared out, I grabbed my camera and ran outside to see if the rainbow promise I made to my kids could be fulfilled.. minimally. The rainbow as quickly as it appeared, started to fade. Although the rainbow failed to impress, the strong storm that just passed left a few of its friends on my storm door. As the wind was picking up, I knew these drops won't last for long...Click goes the shutter.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Series: Wildwood | Part 2

In part two of my Wildwood, NJ Series, I will shift focus slightly to Cape May. As we have done in the past, my family and I went on a dolphin sight-seeing cruise. We leave out of Wildwood Crest and head south to New Jersey most southern point, Cape May. Along the way, we say dolphins (obviously otherwise the titled cruise "Dolphin Sight Seeing Cruise" would have been a let down). I also spotted a horse shoe crab in the water, not sure if it was dead or alive, and being so far south, you can even see the shore line of Delaware.

While in Cape May waters, you'll pass by Sunset Beach, legendary hotels, the famous Cape May Lighthouse and you can even see an the SS Atlantis, an old WWI concrete ship decaying in the salt water. Each time we go, I try to capture the Cape May Lighthouse in different angles. At the right angle, you can catch the Saint Mary's by the Sea retreat house, a summer retreat house for the Sisters of St. Joseph, lining up perfectly with the lighthouse. When you see it, you'll say "oh yeah, I've seen that before" while not realizing what it was. I tried to capture that image as best I can, moving on a boat, I got close to perfect alignment I was hoping for, but not exact.

So that is it for part 2 in the Wildwood series. Hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Series: Wildwood | Part 1

I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different. Instead of posting a talking about a random photo, I figured I put a series together and maybe do more in the future. A few weeks ago, my family and I headed down to Wildwood, NJ. To read my write up on Wildwood, head here. We had a great time with great weather. While down there, I took some photos that allowed me to be creative with. Over the course of then next week or so, I will highlight a new photo.

First up... this is actually a photo I took on our last trip in 2015. But it went unnoticed until now. As far as editing to goes, this is really the first time I put words, filters and borders together. While waiting on a boat for our dolphin cruise to being, I was in awe at the surround landscape between the docks, nature and homes. I really like how the editing of this photo came out with the blue and the grain filter. Hope you like it as well.

Keep an eye out for more photos as part of my Wildwood Series.